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7ft 6 Bucket with manitou brackets

Cherry Products Ltd, a distinguished UK manufacturer, has been at the forefront of agricultural material handling equipment for over 35 years. Recognised as the preferred supplier for top industry names, they boast strong ties within the agricultural community. Leveraging their extensive experience, Cherry Products Ltd is committed to delivering high-quality attachments that cater to a wide range of material handling needs.

Offering a diverse range of buckets, including standard and bespoke builds tailored to various applications, Cherry Products provide buckets to meet your specific requirements.

  • X-Form Buckets: Boasting key features such as strength, build quality, and design, the X-Form Buckets utilize Domex steel for superior strength, lighter weight, and increased durability compared to mild steel equivalents. Notable ‘heavy-duty’ features include heat-treated wear edges, corner gussets, coastal-grade two-pack paint, and a rolled bucket shell.
  • X-Form+ Buckets: Purposefully designed for the most demanding conditions, the X-Form+ stands as the structurally strongest bucket in the current market. Featuring an 8mm shell, a formed floor, integrated spill guard, reinforced side stiffeners, gussets, and heavy-duty brackets, it excels in strength and durability.
  • Rehandling Bucket: Built with 12mm thick support straps running continuously around the bucket, integrated with attachment brackets for unparalleled strength. Further reinforcement includes cross-section straps, side stiffeners, and a flat top for enhanced visibility and internal spill control. Tailored to your machine, these buckets prioritize tear-out force with a shorter floor depth. Crafted from 5mm plate, the design incorporates support features like stiffeners and gussets, reinforcing stress and wear points for durability.
  • Loader/Skidsteer Buckets: Meticulously designed for strength and cost-effectiveness, these buckets are tailored for smaller machines with up to a 2-tonne lifting capability. Available in widths ranging from 3’6″ to 7′ with various capacities.
  • Grain Buckets: Purpose-built to crowd back level and provide the best dump angle for your machine. Featuring 12mm thick support straps running continuously around the bucket, supported by cross-section straps underneath and on the back, these buckets are designed for optimal tear-out force. The unique side profile, including 12mm thick side stiffeners, ensures an ideal floor length for maximum tear-out force while allowing the bucket to crowd back level. Manufactured with precision, the Cherry Grain bucket range is crafted from high-quality 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, or 10mm plate (depending on the model). The robust construction includes reinforced support straps and gusseting to enhance durability. For high-capacity grain buckets, explore our X-form range.
  • Multi-purpose Buckets: Featuring the popular grab design from our heavy-duty fork and grabs, these buckets include open and close stops for hydraulic cylinder protection and 38mm Ø zinc-plated pins. The grab design enables a wide opening (CB26 sizes: 1460mm, CB27 sizes: 1760mm, CB28 sizes: 2260mm) while ensuring long-term reliability. Models are available with a choice of KV style or profile tines, and all come standard with a bolt-on, reversible toe plate and removable side panels.
  • The X-Multi Buckets: Delivering strength, build quality, and design, the X-Multi Buckets utilize Domex steel for superior strength and durability compared to mild steel equivalents. These buckets feature heavy-duty elements such as heat-treated wear edges, coastal-grade two-pack paint, high-capacity rams, high-grade pins, and exceptional clamping power. Standard features include a heat-treated reversible toe plate, Domex-profiled tines, and removable side panels across all models.
  • JCB Teletruk Buckets: Constructed on the same principle designs as the standard buckets, these buckets provide reliable and well-built options for various applications. Developed in collaboration with dealers and customers, the range is tailored to suit TLT machines. Additionally, custom, one-off builds are welcomed to meet specific requirements.
  • Low Profile/ Potato Buckets: Featuring an extended floor length compared to a standard rehandling bucket, these buckets facilitate efficient bucket loading with minimal entry into the pile. Designed to protect the root, the bucket is equipped with round bar edging. Standard features include corner strengthening gussets, continuous support straps, and brackets set at the correct angle for the machine, directly welded onto the straps for load distribution.
  • Digging Buckets: Designed to match the profile and shape of the Rolled Rehandling Bucket range, these buckets surpass standard specifications for demanding tasks. Constructed from 6mm steel, they include full-length side gussets, 12mm thick heavy-duty side stiffeners, and additional wear plates on the underside. All models are equipped with a bolt-on reversible toe plate, with the option for fitting digging teeth upon request.
  • 4 in 1 Buckets: Featuring a robust design, these buckets are versatile for various applications. Standard features include three bucket wear edges, protected heavy-duty high-capacity hydraulic cylinders, and high-grade zinc-plated pins. This multi-purpose product can serve as a Bucket, Grader, Clamp, and Digger. All models come with a double bevel, bolt-on reversible toe plate as standard, with the option to fit digging teeth upon request.
  • Root Crop Bucket: Designed with 25mm round bars on the front and back, spaced at 100mm center to center to create 75mm gaps. The bar spacing is adjustable to meet individual needs. To minimise crop damage, a round bar is welded to the bucket’s edge, but custom options are available.
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